The Christian Science concept of love, reflecting  divine Love, as universal love.


Christian Science Love
by Rolf A. F. Witzsche



The Christian Science concept of love, or divine Love, as universal love.




What can Christian Science, the world's foremost 'made in America' religion, contribute to the development of love, our chief cornerstone of civilization?


What is the Christian Science perception of love,
or divine Love?

Please consider the following:

Since Christianity began, and to some degree even in earlier ages, God has been defined as Love, or divine Love. The Apostle John writes:

Beloved, let us love one 
another: for love is of God; and 
every one that loveth is born of 
God, and knoweth God.
He that loveth not, knoweth not 
God; for God is love. 
(I John 4:7,8)

Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, agrees with that assessment and takes it a higher. She writes:

"God is Love." More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go.
(S&H 6:17)

But what does it mean that God is Love? Can God, infinite Mind, which is aware of nothing outside of infinite good, recognize itself as Love, when all is love; or as Truth, when all is truth; or as Soul, when there is but one infinite all-inclusive being?

I think Mary Baker Eddy answers NO to all of these questions. This may be the reason why these three terms (Love, Truth, and Soul) are not defined in the Glossary of her textbook on Christian Science, because they cannot be defined in the absolute sense.

About the question of love, Mary Baker Eddy says, "God is Love, therefore He is divine Principle." (S&H 275)

This makes sense, doesn’t it? God can certainly recognize Himself as the infinite divine Principle of good, that embraces and supports all reality--His infinite creation. WE call this divine Principle, Love, because its essence is something that is profoundly special to us, since this infinite divine embrace of all, as Principle, is so remote to us in the realm of our motives, experiences, and even self-identification. In our human sense, what WE call love, is always something that is narrowly focused and is seen in contrast what what is not love. We see love confined, narrow, limited, kept within tightly defined barriers. God, infinite Mind, could never entertain such a narrow, specifically focused concept, and neither should we. Divine Principle is infinite, boundless, and universal. This description also defines the 'dimension' of divine Love, which is properly reflected only as universal love. We have no justification, therefore, to speak of love, unless love is perceived as boundless, universal, as wide as the universe, all-embracing. But what is universal love? How is universal, or divine Love, necessarily reflected in our humanity?

This exacting, scientific challenge, poses a severe challenge in our human world, doesn’t it? What defines universal love in the social, political, and economic context, not to mention the social and sexual context?

Are you interested in exploring this question?

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The Christian Science concept of love, reflecting the model of divine Love, as universal love.